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Sand Prairie is increasing fiber internet download and upload speeds to give members an even better experience to work, learn and stream from home, work, or school. Starting in July 3, Sand Prairie fiber subscribers will experience a speed increase at no additional cost.

“As faster broadband speeds become available, your local co-op continues to work for its members to purchase bandwidth at competitive prices,” said Derek Bradt, broadband marketing and sales administrator. "This allows us to increase symmetrical speeds in each of the fiber packages we offer, providing increased value to our members.

“Our Fiber-Link package has now become a 1 Gig plan (Giga-Link) and is still a member favorite and best value for those who need some of our fastest speeds,” Bradt said. “For members looking to up their game or boost speed even more, we now offer multi-gig speed packages.

Existing fiber members don’t need to do anything to take advantage of these upgraded fiber internet speeds. This change applies only to Sand Prairie fiber packages and does not include wireless.

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The benefit of fiber broadband is touted not only as a superior product but because it can accommodate faster internet speeds, according to Bradt.

“We are providing our members with this upgrade of fiber speeds to support the growing demand for cloud-based services, remote work and remote education,” he said. “FCC data supports this by showing a trending increase in both home and business bandwidth use. Offering these upgraded fiber speeds enhances the future-proof characteristics of fiber by putting our members in a position where they can grow into high-bandwidth use.”

In addition, as an approved internet service provider of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) by the FCC, Sand Prairie is working to bring fiber internet to everyone no matter the cost.

“We are thrilled to announce a new fiber internet package is now available only to those eligible to enroll in the ACP program,” Bradt said.

This new package offers symmetrical speeds of 25 X 25 Mbps for $34.99 a month. The ACP program provides eligible residents a $30 monthly discount off the cost of broadband service.