JCE Co-op is a local, community-focused cooperative, founded to bring energy to our area. Any excess revenue - or margins - remaining after all expenses have been paid are returned to members through what we call “capital credits”.

Capital credits represent members' ownership in the cooperative. It is one of our founding principles: Members Economic Participation. JCE Co-op utilizes a hybrid method of retiring capital credits. The co-op retires capital credits on a delayed schedule of about 25 years plus 5 percent of all remaining credits earned at a discounted rate.

How Capital Credits Work

capital credits

Unclaimed Capital Credits

JCE Co-op mails capital credit checks in December, and, over the years, several have been returned as undeliverable. We are unable to contact these former members without a valid address on file.

You can help us locate these members so we can return their capital credits by taking a few minutes to scan the lists of members who have unclaimed capital credits. You may view the list sorted by name or by town.

The lists appear in PDF format. To search the lists:

  • Click the link and it will open in your web browser

  • Press CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (MAC)

  • In the search box, enter a name (We suggest searching by last name first)

  • The first match will be highlighted in the document

  • Press Enter or click the right arrow to navigate to the next result.

If you find your name on the list, please call 800-858-5522 or email info@jcecoop.com. If you know the whereabouts of anyone listed, please let us know or contact them and have them reach out to us.