Worried about phantom load? Want to know if you'll save by buying a new appliance? We can help. JCE Co-op has teamed up with local public libraries to make available to co-op members, The Kill A Watt electric consumption meter. Check it out just like a book!

Service Territory Libraries

The Kill A Watt meter provides an opportunity to monitor the electrical consumption of any 120-volt appliance, such a refrigerators, freezers, televisions, cable boxes and microwave ovens. It can even detect phantom loads. The measurements from the meter will provide an idea of the amount of electricity the appliance consumes when operated. Together with the calculation page of the included "Take Charge" booklet, you can determine the effect that usage has on your monthly electric bill.

Another benefit of the Kill A Watt meter is its value when determining the amount of savings possible by switching from an old appliance to a new energy star rated unit.

This free service is provided within the service territory. Members must abide by the rules set forth by the library for use, checkout and late fees.

Kill A Watt meters are also available at our offices in Elizabeth, Savanna and Geneseo. Kill A Watt meters from JCE Co-op offices are available for two weeks and are subject to 50 cents per day late fees.

Visit your local library or JCE Co-op office to check out a meter today!