South View Solar Farm

Your co-op's community solar program is an affordable way to benefit from natural energy from the sun. Instead of installing solar panels on your roof, you subscribe to panels in the solar farm. With your subscription, you are purchasing capacity credits and you receive these solar credits on your electric bill.

Participating in community solar means you don't have to worry about zoning restrictions or your homeowners' association. It also eliminates maintenance costs and concerns that can be a hassle for those who own and maintain their own residential solar system. With South View Solar Farm, Jo-Carroll Energy takes care of installation and maintenance, making it easy for members to participate.

Jo-Carroll Energy offers all electric members the opportunity to subscribe to our South View Solar Farm. Jo-Carroll Energy members who receive their electricity from the co-op can purchase subscriptions for capacity credits. They will receive a monthly bill credit for their panel’s output. Subscriptions should be sized to the member’s electric load.

Subscriptions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Credit based on the actual production of the solar farm will be provided on participating members electric bills for 20 years. The estimated average return is $48-50 per panel per year in credits. Participating members can expect to break even on their investment over the life of the project.

The farm is designed to not be subsidized by members who do not participate. The price of subscriptions and the credits are based on the costs of this project.

South View Solar Farm was constructed on three-quarters of an acre behind the east campus at the cooperative’s headquarters in Elizabeth. The array consists of 456 solar panels with a combined capacity of 126.5 kW (dc). Each panel has a capacity of 275 watts. The solar array was commissioned in late December 2014.

Commonly asked questions can be found on the South View Solar Farm FAQ page.

Historical production data from December 2014 to August 8, 2023 can be viewed on the Sunny Portal.

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