Energy Analysis Program 

Does your home have hidden leaks? Make an appointment with the Energy Detective for our home energy analysis program.

You can choose from two home energy analysis services, performed by Jo-Carroll Energy's qualified home energy auditor. The analysis will be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Historical information about the energy consumption within your home will be gathered and discussed with the auditor to help facilitate the audit. There are two types of services you can choose:

Free Walk-through energy assessment

The walk-through energy assessment lasts about an hour and is FREE! The assessment includes a review of your energy use, discussion of your home's history and recent energy efficiency upgrades and a walk-through observation assessment that allows the energy advisor to gather information, point out possible energy wasters while providing guidance and information about possible upgrades that could increase the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Whole house energy audit

The whole house energy audit last about four hours and costs $300. The audit includes all the features of the walk-through energy assessment. In addition, the auditor will perform an in depth thermal envelope analysis; assess appliances, water heater and HVAC equipment; and perform diagnostic testing utilizing a blower door test, infrared camera and other equipment. You'll receive a written report that includes infrared photos, identifies areas of concern and lists energy-saving recommendations specific to your home.

Insulation & Air-Sealing Incentive

Download The Energy Detective Brochure for more information.